My Blocksets

Blocksets (*.bset) contain the building blocks of 3DML spots. A blockset can contain blocks (*.block), textures (*.gif, *.jpg), sounds (*.wav), and a style file (*.style).

Currently, I have documentation for only two blocksets, but I have several spots that demonstrate my other blocksets.

xuriel_catacombs_1.bset documentation

moola_terrain.bset documentation

Blockset Demo Spots

People : demonstrating blocks from people.bset. Ok, I only have two so far... a wizard and a witch.

Castle 1 : demonstrating blocks from xuriel_castle_1.bset. xuriel_castle_1.bset is a blockset of thick walls, battlements, doors, windows, curved walls and stairs for towers, and peaked rooftops.

Castle 2 : demonstrating blocks from xuriel_castle_2.bset. I have begun to label blocks, textures, and have built a tower as an example of its blocks joined together. xuriel_castle_2.bset is a blockset for constructing a 6-block wide round tower, including curved walls, doors, windows, battlements, and rooftops. Also the temporary home for a set of double doors.

Dungeon 1 : demonstrating blocks from xuriel_dungeon_1.bset. xuriel_dungeon_1.bset is a blockset for constructing dungeons for castles or other prisons, including bars, dooors, torch and sconce, and a cell with a bench and bucket.

Catacombs 1 : demonstrating blocks from xuriel_catacombs_1.bset. xuriel_catacombs_1.bset is a blockset for crypts, tombs, and other underground burial chambers. Includes a lumenarium, a sarcophagus, loculi, alcove, statue, candles, and a fountain.

Interior 1 : demonstrating blocks from xuriel_interior_1.bset. xuriel_interior_1.bset is a blockset of props suitable for the castle blockset, including a treasure chest, folding screen, and tapestry so far.

Ruins 1 : demonstrating blocks from xuriel_ruins_1.bset. xuriel_ruins_1.bset is a blockset of castle ruins, so far just a collapsed doorway and door.